peHUB First Read

UK Government Affairs: The Government Needs to Learn the Lessons of Private Equity, Fast. (Touchstone Blog)

Editorial: The New York Times isn’t too keen on new NY Comptroller John Liu’s decision to bring back placement agents this quickly. (NY Times)

Financial iPad: Howard Lindzon is a bull about the possibilities of technology in the financial industry. (Howard Lindzon)

The Worlds Most Addictive Sounds: As explained by Martin Lindstrom. More than half of them are branded (Intel, MTV, McDonald’s…), but none can top a baby giggle! (Fast Company)

A Growth Business: Feeding the world is a growth industry, according to Economist, and that is feeding fertilizer M&A.  (Economist)

Today in Apologies: Hank Paulson is sorry for blaming the UK for causing the collapse of Lehman Brothers (He had literally written “The British screwed us.”) It appears the former Treasury Secretary has forgiven the British for stopping Lehman’s last chance.  (Times Online)

Basically, It’s Over (A Parable): Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway tells a tale of “Basicland,” where growth in GDP leads to freewheeling casinos which leads to financial ruin. (Slate)

Landing Your Dream Job: You have to know yourself, the market, and what you want to do and create a plan based on that knowledge. Sounds not unlike buying your dream company. (Businessweek)