peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday:

* Andrew Ross Sorkin on the fast times and strange death of hedge fund manager Seth Tobias.

* Rob Day sorts through the myriad of recent VC investment data for the cleantech space.

* India considers incentives to keep the energy-focused private equity spigot flowing.

* Tom Granahan reminds us that a lack of consumer — and investor — confidence doesn’t necessarily translate into decreased spending.

* Ex-Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard doesn’t like how he was treated by the VC-backed company. Well, assuming that he’s actually the one complaining (pesky Internet — so hard to confirm identities…).

* In-Q-Tel is opening as Boston office.

* Seems to be some corporate nepotism in the programming ranks of NBC, and private equity firms might be preparing to buy one of the beneficiaries.

* November was the worst month for hedge fund performance in seven years (sub req.).

* The dangerous wealth of The Ivy League.

* Google may be sitting front-row for the new spectrum auction, but cable giants Comcast and Time Warner aren’t coming.

* More on the noncompete issue from: Rick Segal, Fred Wilson, Ask The VC, T.D. Klein and Francois Schjettecatte,