peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Monday:

* Guy Hands talks EMI, one day before unveiling his resuscitation plan to the troops. Then he flies to the States to keynote Friday’s Wharton PE & VC Conference.

* Artis Capital is everyone’s favorite wanna-be-VC hedge fund, doing more than 20 venture capital deals in 2007, according to PE Week (sub req.).

* New host for WallStrip.

* Daddy Thomson today announced that it expects its merger with Reuters to close by “early Q2.” That means just a few more months before we’re able to begin adding Reuters content to peHUB…

* Blackstone missed a return opportunity on FGIC, and now will take a writedown.

* Congress probes sovereign wealth funds.

* China investing in Citigroup? Not so fast, says the WSJ (sub req.)