peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Tuesday:

* Spectrum Auction: Billion Dollar Leapfrog

* Getty Images is for sale, but is it simply the imaging market’s pufferfish?

* Scott Kirsner thinks the Boston tech market needs to put more focus on the 21 year-olds.

* VMWare misses its numbers, which makes Virtual Iron’s timing even better.

* Dow Jones’ PE Outlook Conference is today in New York. Can you guess who’s planning to protest?

* We all know that Facebook apps are raising money from VCs. But are they actually producing revenue?

* Baucus Stimulus Plan May Spur Conflict (sub req.)

* TechCrunch endorses Obama and McCain. peHUB endorses no one, but is keeping its fingers crossed for Mitt Romney. Not because he’d make a good president, but because he lets us keep talking politics without straying too far off topic.