peHUB First Read

Some links to kick off your Wednesday:

* Wellspring brings Dave & Busters to market. It’s seeking $600 million, but that includes an entire day’s worth of comped skeeball tokens.

* The economy is going to be just fine. After all, Sports Illustrated put an American on the cover of its swimsuit issue.

* What the private equity plutocracy leaves in its wake.

* Continued back-and-forth on whether VC-backed Bebo is being acquired for $1 billion, or is just looking for growth capital. Arrington goes with the former, saying a deal was signed on Monday.

* A blow-by-blow of getting fired at Yahoo. Thank you Twitter…

* There have been lots of reports about MySpace launching a business incubator called SlingShot Labs. The latest one indicates that a formal announcement may be coming today.

* Behind Ottawa’s venture capital drought.

* A final reminder that I’ll be moderating a panel discussion this afternoon in Boston. My conversants include Josh Beckenstein of Bain Capital, Kevin Callaghan of Berkshire Partners, Jill Greenthal of Blackstone Group and Marty Mannion of Summit Partners. Get more info here.