peHUB Funding Opps: Afraxis, Brazen Careerist, GutCheck, More

peHUB readers tell me they’d like to learn more about potential funding opportunities that might not yet be in their deal pipeline. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of companies that are still in the market, based on SEC filings and our own reporting.

Know about other companies that should be on this list? Let me know at And if you’re on this list and have raised money since your last SEC filing, please shoot me an email so I can update readers.

Below this list, you’ll find another section about companies that have concluded their fundraising efforts.


* Brazen Careerist Inc.

Looking for: $500K

Details: The Virginia-based professional networking solutions company, raised a quarter-million dollars from a handful of local investors and has plans to pull down $500,000 in aggregate, according to its filing with the SEC.

* Avantis Medical Systems

Looking for: About $2.25M

Details: The California-based medical device company, has raised about half of a $4.5 million round, the company detailed in a SEC filing. The company’s existing backers include BioStar Ventures and Montreux Equity Partners.

* GutCheck Inc.

Looking for: $1.5M

Details: At the company’s “VC in the Rockies” presentation last week, acknowledged that it will raise a $3.5 million Series B fund for business development, engineering and sales and marketing purposes. The Denver-based marketing research firm already raised a $2 million Series A and is backed by Village Ventures, iModerate Research Technologies, Benenson Strategy Group, and other individual investors.

* Afraxis Inc.

Looking for: $2.35M

Details: The California-based nervous system disorder treatment developer, raised $650,000 of its planned $3 million offering, the company reported in a SEC filing. The company already has backing from Avalon Ventures.

* MediaFORGE

Looking for: $1.5M

Details: The Utah-based advertisement retargeting firm, will look to raise as much as $5 million in its Series B round, according to CEO Tony Zito, who spoke to guests at the “VC in the Rockies” event last week. Zito told “VC in the Rockies” attendees the company has raised $3.5 million to date. The company became profitable in August 2010 and projects revenue for 2011 of $8 million, $22 million in 2012 and $47 million in 2013. Existing investors, according to the company’s Web site, include Gazelle Investments and Prospector Equity Capital.


* Exagrid Systems, the Massachusetts-based data storage and backup company, has raised more than $10 million from a number of individual investors, according to a recent SEC filing. The company is already backed by Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Highland Capital Partners and Sigma Partners.

* Starfish Retention Solutions, a Virginia-based educational products company, has raised more than a half-million dollars, concluding its most recent fundraising round, the company revealed in a recent SEC filing. Starfish is backed by Novak Biddle Venture Partners LP.

* Quofore International Inc., the Atlanta-based mobile marketing products developer, closed out a $5.25 million fundraising, according to a filing with the SEC. The company’s prior backers include ABS Capital Partners.

* Everbridge Inc., the California-based crisis communications firm, completed a $3.5 million fundraising, the company revealed in a federal filing. The company is backed by ABS Ventures.

* Ayeah Games, the Boston-based social gaming company, closed out an investment round for more than $500,000, it revealed in a federal filing. Already, Ayeah Games is backed by CommonAngels.

Buyouts’ Eamon Beltran contributed to this report.