peHUB Goes Live Action

Last night we introduced video here at peHUB, in a sacrifice of my time to the e-fashion gods. The first two “posts” are about the Carissa Project and the War on Greed — which were discussed in the blog earlier this week — including video from both. The Carissa footage is particularly powerful, and is different from what’s currently up on her website.

I’ve been kicking around a bunch of ideas on how to use video going forward, and hope to soon find some rhythm. Maybe a daily news/commentary piece, maybe in-studio interviews (if I can drag folks down to the home office), maybe taking the camera on the road. All thoughts are suggestions are welcome.

We’re using Brightcove for the hosting, so feel free to request syndication rights. I’m also going to post them on YouTube, and promise that the sound/lighting quality will soon improve. In all candor, I had never owned a video camera until last week, so this is kinda a work in progress for me.

Thanks for watching…