peHUB Has a New Daddy

Daddy Thomson got married last night, in a quiet ceremony that involved some people signing papers and some people hanging signs. He also opted to add his bride’s name to his own – how very sensitive of him – in order to be renamed Daddy Thomson Reuters. Yeah, I know, needs work.

A bunch of you have asked what the Thomson Reuters merger means for peHUB, PE Week Wire and me personally. In the short term, not much. I’m not even supposed to swap in the new logo yet, even though it’s plastered all over our Boston offices and Times Square. Over the upcoming weeks and months, however, it means that peHUB will become much richer in terms of content, as we’ll begin feeding relevant Reuters news and video into the site (we’ve already started piecemeal). Conversely, peHUB will get branding on Reuters sites. At some point, we’ll also begin some content cross-syndication.

Integration is never easy, but this will end up being a net positive for you, dear reader. I’ll have more access to journalistic and tech resources than ever before, and think that it will improve your overall experience. For example, I’ll eventually have some extra time freed up to do actual reporting. At the very least, change is good.