peHUB Readers Back Barack

If voters mirror the presidential preferences of peHUB readers, then we’re going to have a very long night on November 4. Come morning, we’ll also have a President Obama.

Nearly 1,400 of you participated in yesterday’s unscientific poll, with the Illinois senator edging out John McCain 41%-40% among those who have already decided. When “leaners” are taken into account, the lead expands slightly to 50%-48%.

This tightness is similar to what we saw in reader polling four years ago. One interesting discrepancy, however, is that 50% of yesterday’s respondents report having voted for George W. Bush, compared to just 43% for John Kerry. Maybe that other 7% went for Nader, but it’s unlikely given that 45% identified themselves as Republicans or Republican leaners (compared to 35% for Democrats or Democratic leaners).

Not surprisingly, most respondents picked the economy as the most important issue facing our next president (55%). Second was foreign relations (19%), while War in Iraq (9%) placed third. Only 34% said that their vote was partially dependent on which candidate would be better for the private equity industry.

Download the raw results: Results.pdf