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peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past two weeks of scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

Andreessen Horowitz Closes on $300 Million Venture Fund [Big Story]

Marc Andreessen on Why He Passed on Facebook, Twitter vs. Bing and the Companies He Wishes He’d Backed [Big Interview]

Why Several High-Profile VCs Sponsored Andreessen [Big Reason]

5 Questions for Bill Chisholm, Symphony Technology Group [Q&A]

VC Deal Scoop: Qik, Terracotta & More… [Fundraising]

5AM Ventures Passes Target on Fund Three [Fundraising]

New Cleantech Firm Alert: Black Coral Capital [Introductions]

Quantcast Raising New Cash at $300 Million Valuation [Fundraising]

VC Fundraising Collapses in 2009 [Fundraising]

Preliminary VC Deal Data Shows Mixed Bag [Mixed and Empty Bag]

VCs See Over 9x (Paper) Return on LogMeIn [IPOs Back?]

For Emission Cuts, Zero in on the Rich, Suggests Study

Murdoch: No Interest in Twitter [Needs to fix MySpace first]

Yikes, Andrew Cuomo Suing [Melodramatic Much?]

A VC Panel Worth Watching (on a Slow, Summer Workday) [It’ll Only Get Slower From Here]

VC on TV: RRE’s Robinson Discloses New Deal [Fundraising]

Mike Moritz Chats Cali Economy with John Chiang [Q&A]

“Revolutionary” Shoe Biz Seeking Money [Calling All Investors]

Fast Chat with Venture Capitalist Faysal Sohail [Q&A]

FDIC Proposal: All Stick, No Carrot  [PEs Are Bank-Hungry]

Wilbur Ross: FDIC Meeting Was “Highly Productive” [PEs Are Bank-Hungry]

Sheila Bair on PE Bank Investments: “Unmoved” or “May Relax” [PEs Are Bank-Hungry]

Treasury Dep’t: No PPIP Applicants for You [But Not For PPIP]

Midweek M&A Madness [Someone Do A Deal Already]

Gary Crittenden Leaves Citi, Joining Huntsman Gay [HR]

BlackRock Raising $500 Million for Second TALF Fund [Fundraising]

Why Don’t Go-Shops Go Anywhere? Ask Management… [Proxy War]

It’s Only Rock & Roll, But Sterling Partners Likes It [Private Equity Rocks Out]

Centerbridge Nearly Doubles Credit Fund With Just Three Investors [Fundraising]

Bernie Madoff Now Shopping Around for Best Possible Jail [Meanwhile, Ruth is Outta Here]

Goldman Code Culprit Can Dance [Ballroom, that is]

Paris Hilton and Ponzi Schemes [Links Lists]

This is your brain on venture capital [Links Lists]

Why the SBA’s New Loan Program Stinks [Links Lists]

Even Eric Schmidt doesn’t carry a Google phone [Links Lists]

Corporate Carveouts re-emerge [Links List]

Sell your Junk Bonds [Links List]

The myth of small business creation [Links List]

Who’s hiring in finance? [Links List]

Is VC too fat and happy? [Links List]

Public-to-Public M&A Deals – Should There Be a Shareholder Rep? [Vox Populi]

The Death (and Rebirth) of Media Private Equity [Vox Populi]

How to Buy Loans from the FDIC [Vox Populi]

Unforgettable Customers [Vox Populi]

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