peHUB Rewind

Here’s a look at the past two weeks of scoops, opinions and analysis from the peHUB blogging team.

Corsair Capital Targets Almost Double for New Fund

Celebri-VCs Try to Educate Washington [Keyword “try”]

(Another) Venture Capitalist Joins the FCC [That Helps]

Nycomed Crafts A Buyout, 2009-Style [Creativity]

Is Private Equity Back? [He Said]

It’s Too Early for Private Equity To Be “Back” [She Said]

Good To Be Here [Introductions]

How Heller Ehrman Went Under [Forensics]

Deloitte Cans Its Fund Placement Team [More Bad News]

VC Performance Continues To Decline [Stats]

Who’s Active In Secondaries? Anyone BUT Secondary Firms [Studies]

“It’ll Be An LP-Friendly World For Awhile:” Q&A With TA Associates [Someone Raised a Fund!]

MDV Raises Annex Capital for Three Funds [Money In The Bank]

LPs Ask Sun Capital To Cut Fund Size [Someone’s Shrinking a Fund]

More Details on Sun Capital’s Potential Fund Size Reduction [By a Lot]

Fundraising Updates: Commitments Are Sloooooooow [Others Are Trying]

PolyFuel Powers Down [More Bad News]

MMO Gamer Turbine Powers Up with $50 Million [VC Deals]

Laundry Room Chronicles: What Cumberland’s IPO Could Mean [PE on TV]

Look Ma, I’m On The Picture Box [PE on TV]

Kip Kirkpatrick Makes It Official: He’s Running for Illinois Treasurer[PE in Politics]

Water Street Will Not Take Illinois Money if Kirkpatrick Wins[PE in Politics]

Mega-Funds Talk Back To FDIC on Bank Deals

Judging Your Cleantech I-Banker [Is He Worth It?]

Filling the Senior Loan Void: Chatham Capital Steps Up [Fun With Debt!]

Debt Ratings, Coming Right Up! [Fun With Debt!]

“Top Quartile” Means Nothing [FYI]

Leonard Green Wins Fund Amendment (But It’s Probably Too Late to Matter) [PIPE Time]

Midweek M&A Madness [Regulars]

Trouble For Newspapers Continued [More Bad News]

Green Shoots In Company Financings? [Some Good News]

Getting Out of The Doghouse [Vox Pop]

An Idea Whose Time Has Come? [Vox Pop]