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Georgia On My Mind…

Georgia On My Mind (Cont.)

IPO Fever

Private Equity Firms Should Think Hard About Investing In Newspapers

Carlyle Group The Latest to Bulk Up In-House IR

Stalking Horse Not Wanted: U.S. Shipping Rebuffs Bid, But Why?

Laundry Room Chronicles: What Will The FDIC Do?

Must See Video: FDIC Meeting

While We Wait, More FDIC Chatter

Official Policy Statement From Today’s FDIC Board Meeting

Live-Blogging FDIC Board Meeting: PE Investments in Banks

PEC Still Not Satisfied with Lowered Capital Requirements on Bank Deals

The Morning After: FDIC Reax

Writedowns and Writeups Through Apollo Investment Corp’s Eyes.

Landmark Partners Shelves Hybrid Fund

Kicking The Can Down The Road: When Broken Companies Don’t Ever Really Get “Fixed”

Midweek M&A Madness

Eric Leathers Joins Pine Brook Road

Venture Capital

Venture Capital Industry Shrinkage?

Complete Genomics’ Latest Financing “Very Difficult”

Random Ramblings

And Here’s A Genomics Company That’s Not Getting Funding…

What Else Y Combinator Looks For In A Startup

Water Footprints Coming Soon

Lancor Adds U.S. PE Searchers

Laundry Room Chronicles: A New Breed of Startup – The Value Is In The Data

KP’s Komisar Talks About ‘Plan B’

Carlos Santana and Tim Draper: Together at Last

Silicon Valley Couple Getting Hitched, Sans Spatula and Frying Pan

Startups Should Be Careful About Seed Rounds

From The Filings: VC Deal Scoop

And Here’s What Entrepreneurs Should Not Do When Seeking Funding…

The VC Problem Explained Simply

Velocity Blog Picks Up Steam

More Green Shoots? Reviving Old Venture Funds

More Nano Products, But Still No Exits

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