peHUB Second Opinion 1.23.13

BlackRock’s Russ Steenberg thinks we’ve might only have scratched the surface of PE.

Reid Hoffman tells us “if, why and how” founders should hire a professional CEO.

Finally! The U.S. is lifting the military’s ban on women serving in combat.

Apple’s Q1 results narrowly miss on revenue but beat on profit.

SNL alum Amy Poehler will star in a Best Buy Super Bowl ad.

Netflix surprises with a fourth quarter profit.

Dish Network plans to close 300 Blockbuster stores in the U.S.

Tiger Woods left California because of its high tax rates.

Steve Jobs threatened to file a patent lawsuit against Palm if that company’s CEO didn’t stop poaching Apple employees.

Tips for spouses to help them be with an incredibly busy startup exec.

What’s the best city for job seekers? It’s not New York.

Netflix and YouTube have teamed up to launch DIAL.

Lance Armstrong has been sued for publishing autobiographies there were untrue.

Gangnam Style has generated $8 million in revenue on YouTube alone.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock