peHUB Second Opinion 10.1

It’s a boy for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Ouch!  Mayer could return to work in one week.

Forbes is reporting that Google has bought Ukranian startup, Viewdle

Cue Japanese study finds that looking at cute pictures of puppies and kittens boosts work productivity.

Apple is sending a fix for Verizon iPhone 5 customers so they won’t be charged for unwarranted cellular data usage.

The White House military office was attacked by Chinese hackers.

The Supreme Court refuses to hear a blogger’s complaint that challenged the use of full-body scanners and thorough pat-downs at airports.

BMC Software hires BofA Merrill Lynch to explore a potential sale.

Michael Steinberg, a Sigma Capital portfolio manager, was put on leave after his name surfaced in a government investigation.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Lam / Reuters