peHUB Second Opinion 10.22

Reddit is down and Amazon Web Services is to blame.

Stifel Financial is one of the bidders for Gleacher & Co.

Yahoo third quarter revenue is up slightly

Obama and Romney are now tied in the Presidential race. And, an image of Romney crops up in an Iowa farm field.

Without Arianna, the Huffington Post mafia is taking Manhattan.

Silicon Valley is not the be-all, end-all for tech companies, says Bill Karpovich.

Apple engineers think products leaks are just f**cking rude.

Texting is mangling the English language.

The Volcker rule could cut profit at the biggest U.S. banks by up to $10 bln annually

A 14-year old girl dies after drinking two 24 oz. cans of Monster Energy drink

Lance Armstrong is stripped of seven Tour de France wins and banned for life.

Picture courtesy of REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity