peHUB Second Opinion 10.31

James Altucher gives us eight alternatives to going to college (like starting a business).

Why salt water in the subway is very dangerous.

Is Reddit worth $240 million?

Rafael Soriano is now a free agent.

Shares of Netlfix soar 20% after Carl Icahn takes a 10% stake

Some Wall Street execs endured Hurricane Sandy by drinking bottles of Bordeaux, eating sushi and sending faxes.

Beginning in July, PE firms cannot take dividend recaps from EU-based companies during the first two years of control.

Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo’s former CEO, says Marissa Mayer will need years to turn around the company.

The iPad mini is disappointing without the retina display.

RIM says more than 50 carriers are testing its BlackBerry 10 platform.

Drivers in Manhattan will need to have at least three people in their cars.

Where can Star Wars: Episode VII go from here? At least Lucas won’t be directing.

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