peHub Second Opinion

***Cleantech venture investments hit a record high in the second quarter, according to Cleantech Group, a research firm. I had no idea there was talk of a potential cleantech bubble, but the firm’s director of research refutes it, saying, “When you look at all of the estimates on how much capital needs to be deployed to create a clean economy, the numbers are mindboggling. They’re in the tens of trillions of dollars.”

***Following up on this morning’s survey soup, Dow Jones reported that PE fundraising was down in the first half. Seems crazy with all of the talk and worry about too many mega funds with too much money and not enough deals. Then again, as the Washington Business Journal noted, Blackstone, Madison Dearborn, and Carlyle all delayed the closing of their funds. (Madison Dearborn got $75 million from Lacers today, by the way.)

***There’s a lot of Internet fighting discourse going on between Dealbreaker, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Felix Salmon and Bob Teitelman. It’s all about rumor mongering and of course, its function on the Internet.

***Sage advice to all you summer associates from Evan Newmark on Deal Journal.

***Second try: star blogger Paul Kedrosky will actually be the guest columnist for tomorrow’s PE Week Wire so stay tuned.