peHUB Second Opinion 10.10.08

Brief because it’s late on a Friday…

Do Your Diligence: Duane Reade’s former CEO, Anthony Cuti, is pleading “not guilty” on charges that he provided false information to Oak Hill Partners while negotiating the company’s buyout.

Proof That Regulation Is Not A Bad Thing: Estonia’s young capitalist economy, with its laissez-faire approach, is struggling to overcome its first economic downturn.

Start worrying: GE down 22%.

Down But Not Out: BusinessWeek suggests that VCs won’t be on the sidelines for long.

One Thing After Another: Linens N Things liquidates. Then Hexion has to buy Huntsman. Leon Black can’t get a break—earlier this week a building on his upstate New York property burned down.

Even Bottom Feeders Are Hurting: Dealzone explains that its bad news when even pawn shops pull their IPO plans.

TPG Not Happy: About its investment letters from being circulated, but that didn’t stop Dealbreaker from posting its latest one, to investors in TPG-Axon. (warning mildly crass language).