peHUB Second Opinion 10.29.01

Not That Funny: Bad jokes at Fortress Investment Group’s investor meeting. “(CEO Wesley Evans) joked that if Fortress stock fell much further, to $1, he would institute a hostile takeover of his own company.” Is this a picture of what Apollo and KKR conference calls would look like if they ever make it public?

The Labor Movement: An old but good interview with Andy Stern of the SEIU on taking “normal and also some aggressive corporate accountability campaigns.”

Gone: The way of Linens ‘N Things, Mervyns will be no more.

Safe Bets: Don’t even bother applying for a finance job these days, but when’s the last time the IRS downsized?

Trickery: The reason credit card minimums are so low.

Blame the Panic: To answer Dan’s question of “what are the other reporters scribbling” during the Schwarzman speech he found lacking, it’s this. Read a few interesting comments on the piece at Dealbook.

FAS: Pondering Mark to Market, from Chuck Maimbourg, director of the accounting policy at KeyBank.

Alone At The Dance: The Future For Morgan Stanley.

Business Pundit: On why professional reputation management is impossible if you stay in the game long enough.

A Hex On You: Hexion and Huntsman, a deal that needed more lawsuits.

Yikes: GE’s credit close to junk status?