peHUB Second Opinion 11.19

Cisco’s buy of Meraki: How three guys from MIT transformed the networking industry.

Mark Cuban tells us what he really thinks of Facebook. FB “is a huge time suck.”

JPMorgan names Marianne Lake as its new finance chief for its retail banking unit.

Not the smartest. Samsung pulls their YouTube ad depicting users smashing computer “puppies.”

Are Twinkies saved? Hostess and the striking bakers union agreed to mediation Monday.

Mark Suster tells what it’s really like for “enterpreneur*hit.”

Eleven reasons why George Takei is awesome.

Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO, plans to retire in May.

MySpace is looking to raise another $50 million and relaunch as a Spotify killer.

Here’s a video of a police officer beating up a clown. Seriously.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Steve Marcus