peHUB Second Opinion 11.6 Election Edition

Whether Obama repeats in Virginia and other things to watch this election night.

Microsoft is building a 7-inch Xbox surface.

Voters in the South are confused about who is running for president.

The EU will end an antitrust probe into e-book prices. So, Amazon wins right to sell e-books cheaper than rivals.

Electronic voting machines are messing up.

News Corp. earnings beat expectations.

We feel better knowing…a woman who drove on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus unloading kids has to wear an “idiot” sign.

If you Instagram your voting ballot, you could end up in jail.

It’s official. Skype will replace Windows Live Messenger soon.

No matter who becomes president, you’ll never be able to retire.

Where to watch the presidential election live online.

Google services went offline for about 27 minutes today. Did you notice?

Sergey Brin wants whoever wins the election to withdraw from their political party and govern as an independent.

Photo courtesy of CHRIS KEANE / Reuters