peHUB Second Opinion 11.12

Nay Sayers: China Law blog and China Private Equity Blog argue that all these big remnibi funds from Blcakstone and the like are going to do crappy. (China Law Blog)

M&A Q&A: Why Does Iconix, an apparel company, want Playboy, a media company? Well, it’s because of the lingerie. (Dealscape)

Hey Everyone: Bill Gates thinks Wall Street pay is too high, and also, he doesn’t envy the pay czar. (Reuters)

M&A Crystal Ball: Five media deals paidContent would like to see happen, including Google + Clear Channel and Microsoft + Rim. (paidContent)

Women Hold Half of U.S. Jobs: Households That Could Afford to Have One Spouse Stay Home Find Roles Upended by Layoffs in Male-Dominated Industries (WSJ)

Get Ready To Cut Back on Lavishness, Guys: Investors are planning to push back on PE pay in future fundraising. “Partners at big buyout houses like Blackstone, KKR and Apollo Management are fighting to retain control of their future as belligerent investors take them to task.” (Reuters)

Turnarounds? 3i posted a profit! (FT)

Unlikely Helpfulness: The most important sentence one kid ever wrote is “ON THE PHONE WITH THIS FAT CHICK……WHERER MY IHOP.” He used his Facebook update as an alibi in court. (Gothamist)

Contrarian: Maybe 3Com wasn’t insider trading, but rather odd call trading. (Daily Options Report)