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peHUB Second Opinion 11.16

East Coast/WestCoast: Snoop Dogg rang the Opening Bell today. Then Maria Bartiromo asked him why he chose to get into business rather than crime. (Dealbreaker)

More on The Buyout of America: An NPR interview on how private equity will cause the next great credit crisis. (NPR)

The Dark Side of Incentives: They consistently backfire when efforts to boost bonuses override moral considerations. (BusinessWeek)

In Case You Have an iPhone: And in case you invest, here are ten apps for you. (Business Insider)

The Delevering Effect: Why KKR and BX want so many IPOs. (P&I)

Apply Here: How to snag a job at Apollo, according to Apollo founder Marc Rowan. Hint: Have a degree from Wharton. (FINS)

Speaking of PE Jobs: Here is Preqin’s PE compensation report. (Preqin)

Opinions: President Obama is waging a war against private capital formation. (Euro Pacific Capital)

Ups and Downs: Last week was a tough week for KKR, Deal Journal writes. But then again, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

Twice is a Charm? TPG lets investors cut back commitments again, this time to a new fund. (FT)