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peHUB Second Opinion 11.18

Deal Scoop: Buyouts reports that Genstar Capital has purchased Atenda Healthcare Solutions. (Buyouts)

PE is an HR Recycling Bin: Everyone gets a second chance in the world private equity. The latest fallen idol to consider making the move? John Thain. (Reuters)

Down But Not Out: Reports of private equity’s imminent demise are greatly exaggerated, according to Steve Kaplan of University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. (GenEngNews)

Top Stocks of the Decade: At first glance it doesn’t appear any of them have private equity fingerprints, but the number one stock of the decade just bought a PE-backed company from Sun Capital. (Crossing Wall St)

Apologies: Lloyd Blankfein kinda apologizes for anything Goldman Sachs has done wrong. (Cityfile)

No Surprise Here: The banks aren’t doing holiday parties again this year. (The conspiracy theorist in me says ‘that’s what they want us to think!’) (Deal Journal)

Another Obvious Thing: CalPERS hasn’t paid out as much in capital calls this year. (Bloomberg)

FileRoom: How Will Insider Trading Regulations Affect Buyout Firms? (peHUB)

More Stupid Generational Labels: Introducing “Generation U.” It stands for “Generation Unretired.” Businessweek says, as the recession forces more older workers to postpone retirement, a major shift is under way in the makeup of the U.S. labor pool… (BW)