peHUb Second Opinion 11.19

Romney On The Big Three: He’s opposed to the bail out.

GE Capital: We know there are layoffs to come, but Aleph lays out what GE Capital is doing to GE’s stock.

On Mark Cuban: “If the case illustrates anything, it is how far the Securities and Exchange Commission has descended into irrelevance since Christopher Cox became chairman,” writes Joe Nocera.

Not To Surprising: Where Fortress stands on carry, and other Obama ideas, Footnoted reports.

Paulson Wants PE Alongside TARP: But is the feeling mutual? American Banker thinks not thanks to one TARP Provision, according to Dealbook.

Everyone Freak Out: The Big Three CEOs flew to D.C. today on private jets, ABC reports. That is the very least of the troubled auto companies’ worries. Way to get people worked up (795 comments worked up…)

Brands Are Dead: From the guy who wrote “Branding Only Works on Cattle.” I thought this would be a sort of cliff’s notes to his book, but it’s actually the next step without explaining the initial thesis. I think quite a few people (especially those who make a living on it) would disagree with him, but they need to know his argument first. Good argument for reading the book, I suppose.