peHUB Second Opinion 11.20

Wacky Business School Traditions: Including pants-free pub crawls, Olympics, human castles, mustache competitions…. (BusinessWeek)

Daily Dose of Snark: The Wall Street Journal Tackles the Important Stuff. (Cityfile)

Rising Renminbi: Chinese private equity funds are emerging in big cities as China promulgates new regulations aimed at creating a homegrown private equity industry, one that Beijing hopes will strengthen the country’s capital markets and fuel private sector growth in an economy overly dependent on government investment. (NY Times)

Keep It Classy, Ohio: My home state charmingly blames the crappy ratings from S&P and Moody’s for $457 of its losses on investments, and there’s a lawsuit to boot. (NY Times)

On the Unlikely Pairing Between Carlyle and the SEIU: “Lions and lambs have indeed laid down together, although we’re not exactly sure who the lion is here.” (PE Beat)

The Bankers Behind The Cadbury Deal: The “Rothschild rainmaker” is finding a way to get in on the sweet M&A action. (Reuters)

This Time Is Different: A “panoramic” view of eight centuries of financial crises. (Simoleon Sense via Abnormal Returns)

Don’t get Used by Usury Laws: Useful Usury info. (Dealscape)

John Stewart on Things Not to be Thankful For: Including, of course, Goldman Sachs, Jewish jazz legend Sachs Goldman, and Goldman Sachs’ latest investment in Gold Man-Sacks.

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