peHUB Second Opinion 1.14

CEO One Liners: Silicon Alley Insider likes Yahoo’s new CEO-here are a few of her greatest hits (including plenty o’ four letter words).

Not Cool AT&T: Now merely owning a cell phone is inviting unsolicited ads from your service provider? (Bits)

Steve Schwarzman’s Bulletin: On Chakrapani: He’s “personally infuriated” about the insider trading scandal. (Deal Journal)

Layoff Etiquette: Thanks Business Pundit.

NEWSFLASH: PE relied on debt!, the FT reports. That’s obvious enough, but how much of the profits came from debt? For as many of you that tout operational know-how, the results of this study are surprising. (FT)

Cartoons: A Facebook group for Twitter users that tweet about podcasters that talk about marketing bloggers… (Hubspot)

SWF Pain: “Gulf Arab governments’ funds are billions of dollars poorer despite record oil prices because of losses in stocks and other investments.” (AP)