peHUB Second Opinion 12.12.12

OMG Apple is testing out television prototypes and is reportedly working with manufacturing partners in Asia.

Guatemala is deporting John McAfee to the U.S.

Leeloo? Burger? Horrible kids names of 2012.

Metrix Capital Group has hired ex-NBA player Corey Crowder.

Breast implants are a bad place to stow your cocaine.

Today, 12-12-12, is supposed to be a day of intuition and peace.

Facebook has revised its privacy settings. Again.

Benchmark is leading a big round of financing for SnapChat.

Marc Andreessen thinks we’re in a tech depression.

The popularity of media tablets is killing ebook readers.

Hurricane Sandy is Google’s most searched major event in 2012. Whitney Houston, meanwhile, was the top Google search.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Norbert von der Groeben