peHUB Second Opinion 12.15

Mark Cuban: Hates the FroHawk, for no specific reason.

Sovereign Loss Funds: Council of Foreign Relations blog tries to model Abu Dhabi and other SWF losses. “So much for forecasts that sovereign funds would emerge as a huge forces in global markets…”

Why We Should Save Predictions For The Psychics: The Economist apologizes for its wrong predictions for this year. Before going on to make another round of bold calls for next year. (Dealbook)

Something Fishy: Big Picture is very skeptical the Madoff family had nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme. Speaking of Madoff, here is the longest victim list I’ve seen. Nevermind, here’s another one.

Charles Ponzi: Dealbook outlines a century of Ponzi Schemes, including Mr. Ponzi, the OWCG (Original White Collar Gangsta).

Thanks Gawker: Ranting against the news cliché “perfect storm.”

An Auction: Remember those? Premier Foods is talking with PE firms to possibly sell a stake.

More Disclosure: Europe’s PE transparency code isn’t up to snuff, yet, according to a rare political supporter of the industry. Probably because its voluntary, so there’s no proof its really changing much.

Huntsman Shares: Ouch.