peHUB Second Opinion 12.17

Personal MBA: Following on last week’s news that maybe you don’t need an MBA, here is Personal MBA, a “program” that’s “designed to help you educate yourself about advanced business concepts on your own time and without going into a classroom or into debt.”

Contrarily: BusinessWeek is documenting the five year path to business school in a five-part series. Here’s part two.

She Knew It: The Barron’s reporter that called out Bernie Madoff explains the background of her 2001 story in Portfolio. More people should’ve listened… (Portfolio)

Observations: Where are PE firms located, versus where they are investing? PE Blogger shows its New York, and California, and in second place, respectively, California, and Texas.

Clusterstock Wonders: What is the actual purpose of a fund of funds?

Sign of the Apocalypse: Nice pickup by Dealscape, Steve Feinberg has been caught on film. And he spoke with a reporter!

Enough Already: Says Dealscape. The 3i stock sell-off has gone too far.

Lessons from the Fallout: Deal Professor reflects on the end of the busted-deal era and the limits of contracts.

Hm: Good companies don’t always make good investments, according to Value Expectations (HT Abnormal Returns)

One Man’s Solution: An Eight Step Plan for Fixing the Economy, by Bill George.

Remember Kids: When you’re drowning your economic woes in alcohol, don’t ride the New York subway drunk.

It’s Not Just Detroit: Global Automakers feel the crunch.