peHUB Second Opinion 12.18

Happy Hanukah Steve: Mr. Schwarzman is taking blows left and right on the blogs these days (peHUB not excluded). First, we have, via Cityfile, a brutal criticism of the “Schwarzman” branch of the New York Public Library, formerly known as the “Main Branch.”  (Vanishing New York) Then we have blogs like Dealbreaker mocking his family holiday party, except when you think about it, he was kindof asking for it if he really did dress up as the Grinch. (Dealbreaker) That’s all on top of the Santa and elves protest from earlier this week, in which he received a lump of coal for being “a very bad boy.”

Speaking of Blackstone: The firm is preparing a big exciting IPO of a pretty young deal. (BusinessWeek)

Private Equity is EVIL: Here’s what Kansas City, and fans of the city’s Worlds of Fun water park, think of Apollo Management’s deal to buy their parent company, Cedar Fair:

Apollo Global Management is a $51 billion private equity company that owns a lot of businesses and has a lot of offices around the world. It’s the kind of company that, right this second, probably has a facility buried hundreds of miles underground, filled with scientists working on a gas to turn people into zombies. Test subjects Volunteers will be taken from the Oceans of Fun wave pool. They know what they’re doing. ( via

Balk balk: Clear Channel’s effort to lighten its debt load hit a snag yesterday when a group of bondholders claimed a plan to raise $750 million in debt without their permission effectively put the company in default. (NY Post)

Screwed by Citi Again: “The nausea we feel with respect to Citigroup (C) and our Treasury Secretary just hit a new high.” (Business Insider)

Wow! Moody’s says that homebuilding looks stable for first time since 2006. (BusinessWeek)

IPO: Maybe its time for a new IPO market. Or maybe we don’t really need it. (24/7 Wall Street)

More Protests: This one is against Goldman Sachs. Clusterstock calls it “Kind of Lame.