peHUB Second Opinion 12.22

Topic Du Jour: Wall Street is a source of inspiration for filmmakers right now, as the sequel of the movie of the same name is being shot and Michael Moore switches the focus of his documentary film to it. There’s more. (Dealbook)

Ten Predictions For The New Year: That are all pretty hopeful. Including the worst-performing global market for 2009 (hint: its not financial), the fate of Steve Jobs and M&A deals for Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs. Thanks, Deal Journal.

More Lists: Predicting bankruptcies and companies that just may not exist this time next year. Safe assumptions like AIG and Chrysler. Interesting choices of NYT, Ride Aid and Nortel. Others: (24/7 Wall Street)

Good PR Move: Even though she didn’t do anything wrong, PR Firm Brunswick suspended the woman who’s husband stole and traded on confidential merger news she had. (Bloomberg)

That Hurts: Bailed-out execs got $1.6 billion in salaries, bonuses and other benefits last year. (AP)

But: Apparently we, the lowly journalists, are sticking up for ludicrous executive pay. (Beat The Press)

James Grant Says: We’ve all out of trust. Sounds a bit like the song “I’m All Out Of Love.” Except the idea is the Fed’s money printing it the wrong approach because we’re not in the business of trusting. (WSJ)

So Much For “Sticky Wages”: Employers are cutting hours and pay instead of flat-out layoffs. I guess that’s a more sustainable solution. (BusinessWeek)