peHUB Second Opinion 12.5

Now That’s Nice Of Them: Permira is offering its LPs the option of giving $5.6 billion in uncalled capital back to its investors.

Deal Journal: While liveblogging yesterday’s bailout, Ms. Moore recounts the ways people on camera need to brush up on their etiquette, for their own sakes, and for the sakes of viewers forced to endure their lackadaisical blackberry-ing.

Even After Its Round of “Employee Assessments”: Apax is doing deals, looking at investing in Bank of Ireland.

Oh The Places We’ll Lend: Will Banks Start Using Libor for SBA loans? Joe Nocera on why he hopes so.

DealBook: We know there’s an MBA insurgence going on, Dealbook explores what it means.

And If You Were Thinking Of Going Abroad: That insurgence is leaking over into British territory as well, BusinessWeek says.

Harsh Metaphors: From Senator Bob Corker to Chrysler: “There is not a human being alive in the automobile world who thinks that Chrysler is doing anything other than hanging around long enough until it finds somebody to marry.”

There Hasn’t Been a High Yield Deal in a Month: Yet BusinessWeek is arguing it might be a fun contrarian play.