peHUB Second Opinion 1.27

Looking Back: The top 50 private equity firms of 1999, as compiled by The Deal’s David Carey. Interesting to see who made the top five… (Dealscape)

Good News: The Private Equity Council has released a study that says: “Large private equity-backed companies substantially outperformed their industry peers in capital spending, sales and productivity in the years following their acquisition by private equity investors.” Read the details here. Read a blog post by Reuters’ Megan Davies here

Davos Diary: Dealbook tracks the number of no-shows at the Davos Economic Forum. (Dealbook)

Meanwhile: BusinessWeek says there are not enough women contributing to the Davos conversation.

And Lastly: Kedrosky compares statements of Davos’ speakers  this year, to their words last year. (Infectious Greed)

Meanwhile in Survey-land: More than a third of European private equity companies expect to restructure struggling portfolio companies this year, mostly by injecting new money, according to a new survey cited by Reuters. (Reuters)

MarK Cuban: On “The Great Internet Video Lie.” The more you know. (Blog Maverick)

Really: Is Gawker on the prowl for acquisitions? (Market Movers)

Middle East: Targets there are elusive for PE funds raised to target that area. (FT)

AIG Units: Carlyle, TPG, and AIG are taking a look at ’em. (Reuters)

Extra Distressed: “Now, more than 70% of the junk market is trading at distressed levels.  That means more than 10 percentage points higher than Treasurys.” WSJ Via Abnormal Returns

RIP: John Updike