peHUB Second Opinion 12.9

How the Other Side Lives: Dress Wall Street, talk Main Street, drink Bourbon Street. A somewhat humorous list of “Ways to Make it Seem Like You Know What’s Going on with the Economy” for non-financial types, from a random blogger.

Bold: Is what many would call Charterhouse’s lofty fundraising aspirations. Or maybe a better word is “masochistic?” (Telegraph)

Blame the Rumourmongers: Wall Street as we know it is dead, thanks to those nasty rumour whores, says Ace Greenberg. (Wall Street Folly)

Now Bail Out The Rumourmongers: The argument for resurrecting the Federal Writers Project, a New Deal-era federal program for journalists. (The New Republic)

Chrysler’s Message To Customers: Based on its Web site. “It’s like they’re your crackhead cousin trying to convince you, the lucid-minded individual, that the money you’re giving them isn’t being flushed down the toilet.” (Dealbreaker)

Speaking of DB: There’s another pink slip party tomorrow.

Kedrosky: Compares a debate between Rick Santelli and Stave Leisman to Wall-E and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Duped: Richard Beales asks how in god’s name hedge funds fell for the old fake bond trick from Marc S. Dreier. Diligence anyone?

Cutbacks: Citi decides to cut its Christmastime toy railroad sponsorship. That would’ve cost it $240,000. But it’ll keep its name on the Mets stadium.

Sigh: VCs are seeing LPs back out too. Dealbook discusses the consequences.