peHUB Second Opinion 1.5

Fired: The biggest CEO firings of 2008. (MSNBC)

Gossipy: Wall Street Folly has a photo of George Soros partying with what the blog purports to be his “nieces” on New Years Eve, while afloat on his Octopus yacht. (Wall St. Folly)

The Worst: Footnote of 2008 goes to…A. Schulman’s fish camp! (Footnoted)

Banned Words: This year the lists includes the likes of “Maverick,” “staycation,” game-changer,” “green,” and “Wall St./Main St.” But I like the ones suggested in the comments of Paul Kedrosky’s blog post about it, which includes “Joe the X,” “print money” and “unprecedented times.” (Infectious Greed)

Time to Bite Off All Your Nails: New doomsday predictions of 11% unemployment rate with a housing slump that bottoms in 2010.

Alternatively: Ten reasons why you should grow a beard.

Mark Aedy, Bob Diamond, Jon Moulton: What do these names and others have in common? They’ve got something to prove next year. Deal Journal tells us what, why and how.

Worst: Did you know 2008 was Dow’s worst year since 1931? (WSJ)

How Do You Lose: $5.5 Billion In A Month: Ask Och Ziff.

Fraud: It’s a boom-time crime. (New Yorker) via AR

Wow: This says a lot-An Arizona two-bedroom labeled “Unfit for human occupancy,” got a loan for $103,000 a few years ago. (WSJ)

Layoff Watch: A list of the top 50 companies’ layoffs at Layoff Blog-includes a total jobless count of 106,988.

Reporting from Ground Zero of the Madoff Affair: Daniel Gross on Palm Beach.

Sin Stocks: Not so recession-proof, it turns out. (BusinessWeek)

PRs: Believe in the right to know, or at least Richard Edelman does. (Edelman)