peHub Second Opinion

***Dealzone highlights the Friday Night Death Watch (much like the bane of an M&A reporter’s existence, the Sunday Night Deal Watch.) But is that image really what a dead bank looks like?

***Ben Stein updates his 1980s introspective on the economics of love. Didn’t realize the lawyer, writer, actor and economist was also a romantic. “When you have a winner, stick with your winner. Whether in love or in the stock market, winners are to be prized,” he wrote.

***Wallstrip got a makeover.

***Pik-Tock, Pik-Tock… S&P isn’t too optimistic about the prospects of US Oncology’s debt, which it is already paying in kind.

***Dealbreaker is calling Jim Cramer’s NY Magazine article on short selling his “If I Did It”

***Seeking Alpha on How Leverage Has Brought Down the Entire Banking Industry. Leverage will always be a scapegoat, but for a reason, I say.
***And for those of you reading this from non-cubicle locations, I say: