peHUB Second Opinion 1.8

Aww: Steve Schwarzman loves romantic comedies. So much so that he hired a “seat saver” for him and his wife at the movies. (Dealbreaker)

Why Should MBA Students Twitter? Here’s one B-school-goers take. (B School Voyage)

Thank Ayn Rand: Stumbled upon a blog called “The Mess That Greenspan Made,” which today outlines how Bernanke is making the mess even worse. (The Mess That Greenspan Made)

Corporate Pigs: The 15 most hated corporations in America include PE-backed Hertz at number 3. (24/7 Wall Street)

Patriotism Test: Moody’s has been mulling a fascinating question: should they introduce a formal rating of “social cohesion” into sovereign debt indices, when they judge whether a government is likely to default on its debt – or not? (FT)

Earning Their Keep: M&A Bankers are worth the money. (Deal Journal)

Yikes: Parent company Reuters is taking some flak for killing its SAC capital story. (Business Insider)

Tuition Blues: B-Schools Confront the High Cost of Change-“Two state-supported schools are making bold moves to ratchet up the quality of their MBA programs. Their method of choice: massive tuition increases.” (BusinessWeek)

Private equity conflicts of interest: International Organization Of Securities Commissions report. Read the summary here, and the whole thing here.

Jon Stewart on the Peter Orzag Scandal: “I Guess OMB Stands for Office of Managing the Bootay”