peHub Second Opinion

A bit brief today but here are some links worth clicking:

***More on the Cubs auction.

***PE pros looking to go hostile, take note of the compare/contrast offered by Dealbook. There should be a personality quiz to go along with it: Are you a Microsoft or an Inbev?

***This goes out to you, MBA Students. In fact, the entire Mergers & Inquisitions blog does, but its especially useful to you now.

***And Don’t Click On This Link. So Bush dumbly blamed the failing financial sector on its own drinklust? Puh-lease. This non-story is boring and the over-coverage of it lame.

***Instead read about the financial sector from a more quotable (anonymous) person, who said Wall Street is “redefining bad.”

***Lastly, the Mars/Wrigley debt launched today. Go Go Gadget mega-deal!