peHUB Second Opinion 2.1

Cleveland Rocks…? Riverside Co.’s Stewart Kohl in a Q&A in the Plain Dealer on Life in Cleveland, which reminds me of my favorite Youtube spoofs on life in Cleveland, which you may remember was featured in Michael Moore’s movie about capitalism. (And I’m going to claim home-state immunity on Cleveland pot shots) (Plain Dealer via WSJ)

Persistent Expectations: PE firms are still thinking there will be consolidation. I tend to still disagree…

Behind the deal: How cutting prop desks hits M&A (Dealzone)

Servicey: Two law firm white papers on PE for ya. (1) Emerging Market Private Equity: How To Find Light At The End Of The Tunnel. (2) Private Equity: Shaken, Not Broken

Davos Won’t Die: A roundup of what PE dealmakers said at Davos. (DailyFinance)

Say What? Current and former C.I.A. agents are using their lie-detecting and interrogation techniques to help Wall Street make money. (Dealbook, also peHUB)

Yep: M&A in 2010 won’t be a boom (thankfully, I say) but it’ll be bumpy. Deals will take longer. (BusinessWeek)

Necessary Evil: Saying No Sucks. (Highway 12 Ventures)

Need To Know: The UK Middle market PE industry. (Unquote)

Just For Fun: How to Suck at Facebook. (The Oatmeal) And while we’re at it, GQ’s 18 annoying people on Facebook. (GQ)

More Just For Fun: Oldie, but goodie. Reaganomics Finally Trickles Down to Area Man.  (The Onion)