peHub Second Opinion

* What are companies doing about the recession? Talking about it apparently. (Via Big Picture)

* Yuk, yuk, yuk. The blog 23/6 created the receipt from Wall Street’s drinking binge. Personally I think it could’ve been funnier if instead of actual drinks, the charges were for CDOs and CLOs, you know, “fancy financial tools.” (Via Dealscape)

* Blogs are gaining credibility. I know the VC world is fully blog-friendly, but the PE world is slow to catch up. All that’s beginning to change, apparently…

* Dealzone’s take on the Clear Channel shareholder vote (the remix, so to speak).

***The Deal Journal interviews the CEO of Cookie Jar entertainment, the PE-backed company that bought Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears from American Greetings. I have long thought American Greetings is a tae-private candidate, as they’re going through a bit of a transition that is still being figured out it seems, and they could probably stand to do it without the scrutiny of shareholders. But anyways, I wonder if Cookie Jar will uphold the horrific makeover Ms. Strawberry has recently undergone. (She certainly did not get that way from eating her signature dish.) The licenses for those brands cost a whopping $195 million. Read more at Deal Journal.