peHUB Second Opinion 2.12

Happy early Valentine’s Day, everyone…

Revenge of the Wall Street Traders: Moe Tkacik reports from Wall Street’s version of the Tea Parties. Leading the charge is a firm called John Thomas Financial. (Daily Finance)

Scary Headlines: David Reilly is fear-mongering the President into taking action with headlines like this one: Man Up, Obama, or Make Way for President Palin: (Bloomberg)

How Generous are PE Pros: Slate and PE Beat have outlined the most generous Americans in 2009 and you’d be surprised at which PE pro is ranked highest. (Slate, PE Beat)

The Elusive IPO: Not as easy as for private equity as we might have thought. (Dealbook)

PE Mergers: Private equity firm Tri-Artisan Capital Partners struck a deal to be acquired by boutique investment bank Jesup & Lamont. (Fin Alternatives)

TV: 30 Rock parodied CNBC last night with a show called Hot Box. (Clusterstock)