peHUB Second Opinion 2.22

Best law Schools: Here are the schools with the highest percentages of grads hired by the top law firms. (National Law Journal)

Don’t Overthink it: Wharton is not trying to trick you on its admissions application. And other “myths” busted. (BusinessWeek)

Foot In the Door: The perfect private equity resume. (FINS)

Scroll to the bottom: NY Times issues its most amusing correction thus far this year. It involves pimping and President Obama. (NYT)

M&A Scoops: Blackstone is looking to exit Gold Toe Socks, seeking around $450 million. (NY Post)

The New Poor: The Economic recovery will leave more people behind than in past recessions. (NY Times)

Weird: Clusterstock stalked Salida Capital’s charity lunch with Warren Buffett and got a video of him telling a joke, which everyone, naturally, fell over themselves to laugh at. (Business Insider)