peHUB Second Opinion 2.25

Gift Horse: “Every family business should have a plan to sell,” according to a book by Tom Deans, a guy who worked his way up at a family business. He believes gifting a business kills it. (Canadian Private Equity) [Ed. note: Apparently around 12 hours after I linked to the blog “Canadian Private Equity,” the entire thing has been deleted! Strange. But never fear, Google cache never forgets. You can still read the post I linked to right here, just scroll down to the second post titled “Does Gifting a Family Business Destroy It?”]

We’re Aware: The FT “breaks” the stale news that mega-buyouts are having a tough time raising their funds and smaller funds, like Riverside, are now more attractive. Ironic, considering Riverside’s own micro-cap fund has been placed on hold due to a lack of interest. (FT)

Bob Marley Now Owned By Wall Street: Want the background of Hilco Consumer Capital’s deal with the Bob Marley brand? Macleans has an in-depth piece on it this week.

Making Lemonade: Madoff is helping private equity, according to Robert Tomei of Advanced Capital. “It will push investors away from hedge funds to private equity.” (FT)

Fine Lines: How is Pimco both a private investor and manager of government bailout programs? Is Bill Gross “too big?” (Fortune)

Blog Wars: Charlie Kaufman of Dealzone thinks AIG is a good example as to why we shouldn’t nationalize the banks. Felix Salmon of Market Movers disagrees.

Paul Kedrosky: Asks why the markets hate Obama so much. (Daily Beast)

TGYMU (Thank Goodness You Messed Up)”: Distressed investors love Friday night Failure and predict 200 more bank failures through out the year. (Dealzone)