peHUB Second Opinion 2.26

Well Is It? In the vein of “Is it iced coffee weather?” we have “Is This The Bottom?” (Via Market Movers)

Fallin: Recovery Rates for leveraged loans have been less than 25%. (WSJ)

Same Dif: “As hedge funds come under increasing regulations, analysts believe the next industry to face tighter and stricter rules could be private equity,” reports Business 24/7.  Hate to break it to you but most regulators hardly know the difference! (Business 24/7)

It’s Like Crack: Investors in the so-called toxic fund won’t do it without leverage, Wilbur Ross and Jeffrey Gundlach say. (Reuters)

A Bit Late: If you were busy observing Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday over the last few days, you may have missed Barack Obama’s speech, but A VC has a pretty nice summary of the most interesting part of it. (Ten Thoughts…)

Social Leverage: “The founder of Wallstrip and StockTwits launches a “social investment bank of the post credit crisis era” with partners including former pitcher Todd Stottlemyre.” (Dealscape)

You Booze You Lose: Keeping with my intrepid coverage of whether or not alcohol is counter-cyclical, we learn of further evidence to the contrary as cash-strapped states raise their alcohol taxes. (Bloomberg)

First Time For Everything: Companies are cutting hours without cutting staff. I have heard of a number of companies doing this across the board, and its pretty amazing. (BusinessWeek)

Literally: Ahh yes, the sinking mortgage expert on CNBC. As Joe Weisenthal writes, “The combination of physical humor and metaphor makes this the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long time.” via Clusterstock.