peHUB Second Opinion 2.5

Must Read: Not unlike peHUB’s list of PE-speak clichés, Deal Journal has unearthed a fund manager’s list of banned words. Favorites of mine include “Space,” “Perfect Storm,” “going forward,” and “any gambling analogy.” (Deal Journal)

Whore Yourself: Seven Secrets of Media Darlings. (BusinessWeek)

Clawbacks: Divorce Settlement Clawbacks. Caused by Madoff. (Wall Street Folly)

Finger Pointing: Real Mature, Mr. Schwarzman. It’s the London office’s fault Blackstone shared one FT username and login! (New York Observer)

Simplicity: That’s Warren Buffet’s advantage in today’s market. (Dealzone)

The Only Retail Deal You Need: Pawnshops, not surprisingly, are the recession’s “golden egg.” (USA Today)

Anyone Catch? Steve Schwarzman was on PBS last night in a replay of the Kennedy Center’s tribute show to George Carlin, who posthumously won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. (USA Today)

The Boss: Not cool with a Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. (Dealbook)

Going Private: Going away.