peHub Second Opinion

Last post for a bit as I drop off the radar for a few weeks of vacation. Heading to India to return August 13…

Some links on my way out:

***DLJ Merchant Banking has a new Chairman. Full story here.

*** Flashback—Whole Foods/Wild Oats and XM/Sirius are back in the news today. Are these deals really still going on? They’re both mergers between two giants in unique industry niches. The organic supermarket chains deal looked like a sure bet (after some controversy), but is under fire again. Meanwhile the satellite radio deal is fiiiiinally done.

***Not exactly entertaining, but anyone interested in tax planning during fund formation, or management fee waivers, might want to download presentations from Daniel Dunn and James Nix, partners at Dechert. They’re available here and here, respectively.

***In case anyone was wondering, Jeffrey Epstein is living it up in jail.

***Dealscape criticizes journalists (some of its own) for overusing the phrase “perfect storm” to describe the mélange of headwinds facing bankrupt companies. Not very creative, but I say “perfect storm” is better than “sh*t storm.”

***Wall Street may have gotten drunk, but the economy is just depressed, according to Apple. Seems to me those analogies work less when you think about the time it takes to recover from each.