peHUB Second Opinion

The Fed hath spoken, and it hath decreed against the taper … for now. Stocks went ballistic … for now. Treasury yields … well, look at this amazing chart.

BlackBerry (remember those) is preparing to make deep staff cuts that could affect thousands of jobs.

Grand Theft Auto V is apparently now the most expensive video game ever made. And it’s likely to smash sales records.

Apparently people go to Starbucks packing heat. That’s being frowned on, but no worries, Starbucks employees are not going to confront armed (and presumably caffeinated) customers.

Back in private equity land, Morgan Stanley AIP got into the fund restructuring game, completing a secondary purchase and extension of Ferrer Freeman & Co.’s third fund, a $400 million 2004 vintage fund. Look for more of these fund restructurings going forward.

To properly top off your day, a bunch of allegedly drunken Scots started dancing in the aisles on a Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Ibiza and forced an emergency landing in France. Second opinion can only hope that one of the jovial offenders being escorted off the jet made an epic cry for liberty.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.