peHUB Second Opinion

Google updates its terms of service and why you should read the changes this time.

Apps appear to be crashing at a much higher rate on the new iPhone 5s. OMG iPhone 5s users are getting the Blue Screen of Death.

JP Morgan spends more money fighting and paying off legal and regulatory challenges than it does paying its staff, buying securities or paying rent on its 5,600 Chase retail bank branches.

Instagram has removed the option to switch off autoplay for videos on iOS.

Mark Zuckerberg does have privacy concerns. The Facebook founder has bought four homes adjacent to his own house in Palo Alto.

Can a Silicon Valley boot camp get you a $120k job?

I don’t believe this. The four laptop computers Edward Snowden carried with him to Hong Kong and Moscow were a “diversion” and contained no secrets, Reuters reports.

The 10 cities most affected by the government shutdown. Guess which one tops the list?

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