peHUB Second Opinion 2.9

Some Pointers: Tips for entering the private equity job market from Private Equity Blogger.

Alan Patricof: “VC Investing Not Dead, Just Different” for Dealbook.

Deal Journal: Attends, reviews the Jefferies Group annual restructuring party, in a piece called A Wall Street Party That Isn’t Depressing.

Saturday Night Live: Pelosi and Reid on the Stimulus Package. (Wall Street Folly)

Lists: Britain’s top 100 private equity-backed companies. (Alt Assets)

Guest Columnists: Lloyd Blankfein on risk. (FT) And Paul Kedrosky poking holes in his column. (Infectious Greed)

Also from the FT: The Evolution of Private Equity.

Will Work For Praise: A BusinessWeek article on the power of recognition: “Businesses like ThisNext are finding that for lots of people, recognition is as strong a motivator as cash.”

India: Passing China as the fastest-growing major economy. (BusinessWeek)